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In the Driver’s Seat #3 With Dawid Glawdzin

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In the Driver’s Seat today is Dawid Glawdzin, the Sales Director of kasko2go, a Swiss-based AI-powered traffic accident prediction tech startup. The team at kasko2go have built a reliable AI-based risk assessment platform that brings in environmental data, historical accident data, geo-data, and telematics to perform accident probability calculations. This results in better and earlier risk assessment, and even reduces accidents.

One of my favourite applications of this technology is being able to inform someone of the safest routes from point A to B, which is unlike typical navigation systems that give you only the quickest and closest routes. Very cool and for all you big insurers out there reading.

When not working Dawid pursues his passions of astronomy and photography. He’s even merged both passions into Astrophotography: photographing the Milky Way, galaxies, nebulas and celestial bodies like the Moon, the Sun and planets of our solar system. See some of Dawid’s work here.

Dawid getting ready for a night out doing some Astrophotography.

What is something you are working on right now at kasko2go?

We help companies to assess, inform and avoid risk by analysing their portfolios and providing accident probability calculations across their customer base. Using AI we can forecast and pinpoint dangers ahead of time. Those calculations serve as valuable additional insights into future premium calculations. Additionally, our location-based safety scores can be used to promote safety and raise awareness about accidents in local neighbourhoods. It’s an excellent way for the marketing departments to create an additional and meaningful customer touchpoint.

Kasko2go risk mapping and forecasting.

What is something you cannot live without in your job?

We are all surrounded by advanced technologies to make our lives easier. However, I still rely on a good, old-fashioned notepad when it comes to my daily tasks. For some reason, I remember things that are written down on paper.

What is your dream vehicle?

I like how Mercedes is approaching the new all-electric vehicle lines. Personally, I wouldn’t mind driving their latest EQS SUV model.

Dawid’s dream car – the Mercedes EQS SUV retail for around $120K.

What is something you are proud of?

Our latest Personal Road Risk Report won a Diamond Award for Impactful Innovation at the recent DIA Amsterdam event. It’s a simple tool, utilising our core technologies to raise awareness and promote safety around your home. This is a collective team effort, and I’m proud to be a part of such an achievement.

The award-winning Road Risk Report.

Fleet and transport managers have a tough job. What are you guys doing to make their life easier?

A few interesting applications of our core technologies apply to the fleet and transport industries.

  • Problem: Vehicles are involved in accidents or stuck in traffic due to accidents not affecting them.
    Solution: A route calculator that identifies the safest route to the destination. To achieve this, we utilise historical accident-related data and real-time signals. 
  • Problem: Drivers of fleets often drive in areas unfamiliar to them.
    Solution: Warn drivers when they enter dangerous areas with a driver warning system, which can be integrated within the car or navigation system.
  • Problem: Fleet managers have a hard time assessing the risk of their drivers and fleets.
    Solution: We can provide a dynamic portfolio analysis across the drivers and the vehicle lines. 
  • Problem: Reduce the accident rates and claims experiences.
    Solution: Route analyser suggesting safer journey or travel time.

What do you think the transport industry will look like 10 years from now?

We are entering the age of autonomous and connected vehicles. Data insights are and will be crucial in the vehicle’s decision-making processes. Real-time risk assessment and route analysers will become integral to each car. At the same time, the data will need to be collected and analysed by sophisticated AI & ML algorithms to assure safety and timely deliveries.

To get in contact with Dawid Glawdzin or kasko2go you can find them at kasko2go or hit up Dawid on his Linkedin or via email at

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