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In the Driver’s Seat #4 With Diego Bertezzolo

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In the Driver’s Seat today is Diego Bertezzolo, the CEO and Co-founder of  Avancargo. Avancargo is a logistics tech platform and company based out of Argentina. The team at Avancargo have created an ecosystem of tech solutions that strengthens the network of cargo providers, logistics operators and carriers.

When Diego isn’t solving the complexities of the logistics world, he spends the rest of his time being a dad, and you can find him and his family carving the slopes of the Andes on their snowboards, or kicking the footy around the parks of Buenos Aires.

Right now we are working on some impact features, specifically calculating CO2 emissions and carbon footprint, mitigation strategies and different CO2 compensation options for all Avancargo users (both carriers and shippers). This helps to raise awareness about sustainability in logistics in Latin America.

For an everyday basis, any German sedan would be great. For a long journey, would love to have the opportunity to drive a Volvo FH 540.

Volvo has recently released the FH 540 in Electric

Morning coffee and daily meetings with our managers. As part of a startup, we are moving like a rollercoaster, with changing scenarios and demands every week. Having some daily routine with our senior management helps me to understand better where the team needs help and where to focus short-term efforts.

Building with my partners and team a logistical tech company to change an analogical industry in LatAm. This is a huge challenge in an archaic segment, where 95% of the providers are SMEs, and tools being used are primarily spreadsheets, WhatsApp and mobile phones.

Only 2% in LatAm uses a TMS. And the vast majority of these TMS is software from the 90s, which is not ready for the current logistics scenario. This means huge inefficiencies and lots of opportunities for improvement for the whole supply chain in the cross segments. And we are doing a lot from Avancargo to change this.

Diego Bertezzolo with Co-founder Pablo Mendonça Paz

We are digitizing the logistic professionals in order to operate more efficiently. In other words, we want to make data and information move more transparently and faster among small, medium and large companies, both carriers and shippers. This is only possible if the logistic segment is digitalized. We can connect people more easily, more securely and faster.

We are giving a powerful tool (Avancargo SaaS) to make things easier, and to raise operational efficiency 5x of what today the industry is doing in Excel, WhatsApp, or even paper. Our solutions will impact not only in revenue but also in making a sustainable business and create a huge social, economic and environmental impact.

With Avancargo we can connect empty trucks with loads easily. Shippers and carriers are able to audit trucks in real time, track the shipment every time, validate and manage documentation, and work more professionally. And the best thing is that we are not giving just a Cloud TMS. We have an On-demand Operations Team to give support before, during and after every shipment is done. This is part of the added value we offer to make logistics professionals’ lives easier. They are not just working alone with a new platform. They have a 24/7 experienced team that will support them.

In 10 years from now, logistics will definitely be more sustainable, more competitive and more complex. Sustainable because the world is moving forward to a sustainable business model, and logistics is an important thing for every company; competitive because if your supply chain model is not digitized, your competitor will be gaining a great differentiation and will kick you out of the market.

Companies cannot afford the option of not digitizing their supply chain. If shippers want to digitize their supply chain, carriers will be obliged to be part of that process. It is complex because there are new business models emerging and mixing, giving better solutions and services to every industry. And this means new processes and opportunities to adapt.

The only way logistic companies will survive is with digitalization because that´s the way they have to operate with real analytics, data and information to track performance and make the best decisions.

If they can track every variable of their business, they can know what to correct or improve to make it more efficient. The rule will be, as it always has been, adapt or die.

Diego Bertezzolo

To get in contact with Diego Bertezzolo or the team at Avancargo, you can find them at

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