BYO Analytics

Power up your own portal with connected fleet data.

Prefer your own environment and don't want to have to log in to another portal? Already paying for your own visualisation software like Power BI or Tableau?

Our BYO solution helps you connect to Fleetyr's powerful tools to maximise your fleet analytics, while you stay in the comfort of your existing environment and keep your overall costs down.

  • Stay in your existing secure and established environment.
  • Choose from over 15 pre-built dashboard templates.
  • Customise your dashboards to suit your needs while enjoying connected, clean and structured data.
  • Available for Power BI and Tableau environments.

Bring Fleetyr to you and make the most of your data.

  • Find under or over utilised vehicles and assets.
  • Uncover critical anomalies in fuel and energy usage.
  • Check weekend vehicle and toll usage.
  • Benchmark against other fleets in the Fleetyr ecosystem.
  • Discover trends in maintenance and hardware providers, and keep your suppliers honest.
  • Compare harsh driver behaviours alongside financial and workforce behaviours.
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