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Your data can do so much more for you — and it should. We'll take care of making your data work for your fleet, so you can focus on business decisions that matter.

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All your fleet data.
One convenient location.

With all your data connected and easily accessible in one place, you can track multiple systems at the same time and discover actionable insights that help you create a safer, healthier, more cost-effective fleet.

Fleetyr helps you stay on top of your fleet and stay ahead of the game.

  • Gain full visibility over all your fleet data.
  • Dig deeper into your most valuable insights.
  • Track expenses and identify cost savings.
  • Improve driver behaviour and safety.
  • Optimise and continuously improve your fleet.
  • network


    We carefully connect your data across all your sources.

  • sweep


    Your data is checked and cleaned to remove inaccuracies.

  • diamond


    We enrich your analysis against relevant data and benchmarking.

  • analytics


    All your fleet data turn into insightful visualisations in Fleetyr.

Take your fleet to the next level.

Maintaining efficiency is crucial to keeping your fleet operations running smoothly — but how efficient can you be when your data sources are disconnected and limiting your full view?

From telematics to maintenance to fatigue management and more, Fleetyr ties all your data sources together to give you a 360° view and 100% transparency of your fleet's operational ecosystem.

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