Dirty data is

These are your dirty data confessions

Even the most cutting-edge analytics tools are only as good as the data that fuels them. Yep, we said it.

"Dirty" data — like inaccurate GPS data, incorrect fuel readings, miscategorised data, duplicate entries, and overlooked errors — significantly skews your analytics and leads to poor decision-making across your fleet.

Here at Fleetyr we've seen it all when it comes to dirty data, so we wanted to share real stories from real fleets around the world and invite you to share your own (anonymous) dirty data confessions.

Is dirty data really a big deal for fleets?

Yes, it really is.

Dirty data in fleet analytics is like faulty glasses: it distorts the real picture, creates blind spots and surprises you when you walk straight into a (usually costly) problem you either didn't see coming or underestimated would actually happen.

The domino effect of even a small amount of dirty, inaccurate or misinterpreted fleet data gets worse and adds up over time, causing an array of outcomes that negatively impact businesses.

  • Wasted fuel costs
  • Poor driver behavior analysis
  • Misinformed business decisions
  • Unreliable maintenance scheduling
  • Ineffective route optimisation

Why dirty data and why now?

On one hand, we just like to have a bit of fun once in a while. The fleet world can be so serious and monotonous sometimes that we believe it benefits us all when things are shaken up to give us a fresh perspective.

On the other hand, we've truly seen so many people in fleet over the last few years take their data for granted and suffer rather significant consequences from working with dirty data.

We can't sit back and let it happen anymore; we're starting a clean data movement and we need your help.

History isn't immune to data blunders

Still think dirty data is just a minor inconvenience?

The last few decades alone have taught us that people have a tendency to overlook or miscalculate data, and that seemingly small errors can have surprisingly large implications and lead to costly chaos.

We've assembled a collection of the most infamous data disaster anecdotes in history across different industries and countries, that also serve to remind us of the importance of clean and accurate data.

You got it,
you got it* bad

*Data, of course.

If we can't convince you to send in your dirty fleet data confessions, maybe Usher** can.

We've taken the liberty to rewrite this hit so you have something to bop along to when you're crafting your confession.

**We are in no way sponsored by or in collaboration with Usher.

Time to 'fess up

We want to hear all your dirty data stories, big or small.

Tell us your funny, shocking or disastrous data blunders — but keep it simple and anonymous.

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Confessions that reveal too much about the sender or business where the incident occurred will be redacted to protect the relevant identities (and so we don't get in trouble).

Dirty data is