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The Fleetyr Windup 2023

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What. A. Year.

Our team started reflecting on what we've accomplished, as well as how our customers have been doing this year across the Fleetyr platform — and we uncovered some really interesting data.

So naturally, being the data nerds that we are, we thought we should absolutely put together some of the top (and most interesting) fleet insights of the year into something visual for you to enjoy.

And yes, we totally got the idea from Spotify and are adopting it as our own annual recap now.

The Fleetyr Windup

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Tim Hill

As an experienced startup leader hailing from sunny Queensland, Tim is a natural problem solver and innovative thinker — yet simultaneously everyone's best mate. As the Founder and CEO of Fleetyr, Tim is on a mission to bring affordable, simplified, and integrated mobility analytics to the entire industry worldwide. Connect with Tim.