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In the Driver’s Seat with Moritz Von Grotthuss

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Welcome to Fleetyr’s In the Driver’s Seat. Our In the Driver’s Seat articles are a series of interviews with fleet professionals, industry leaders, and some of the new kids on the block from the fleet and transport tech world. 

In the Driver’s Seat today is Moritz von Grotthuss, the Founder and CEO of Bareways, a Germany-based navigation tech startup. Moritz and the team at Bareways have built a data tool for navigation on bad roads. Using big data and artificial intelligence, Bareways can tell any driver worldwide, whether the unpaved road ahead is drivable based on real-time data, personal preferences, and vehicle specifications. Additionally, Bareways provides information related to weather, points of interest, or the charging infrastructure on the route.

When not working Moritz enjoys spending time with his wife and his kids. If he can find some outside of work and family, Mortiz keeps in touch with friends by going for the occasional game of doubles at his local tennis club, hunting in the Germanic wilderness, and the great Australian past-time of hosting BBQs.   

What is something you are working on right now?

At Bareways, it is my job to ensure there is enough money to pay the salaries and enough projects to keep the team busy. So the core is business development and sales: presenting Bareways tech and services on shows and in workshops, planning the next steps with the existing customers, and winning new ones.

These days I spend a lot of time discussing and negotiating a three-year serial development and commercial subscription contract with one of the biggest global carmakers. We have worked with this customer since 2021 and plan a commercial launch in 2023. All that is left is to finalize the commercial and legal framework for a long-term relationship.

The Team at Bareways showed us the adventurous route from our office in Brisbane to Roma.

What is something you cannot live without in your job?

I am on my phone pretty much 24/7, emails, WhatsApp, chat, talking with the team and customers, some social media, checking the news and developments in the markets etc. I think I would have a tough time, without this little device.

What is your dream vehicle?

That is now an answer I can easily give. I already drive my dream vehicle: a Land Rover Defender from 2004. I have a 90, the short version – once in a while I do miss the space of a Defender 110 (same generation, please). Otherwise, more the dream-kind of car, would be a black Ford Mustang Convertible from the 1960s. 

All vehicles would have one thing in common: a good stereo is more important than horsepower or top speed. 

Moritz on his daily commute.

What is something you are proud of?

I am proud of the people I spend time with who trust me. First, of course, wife and family, a few friends, closely followed by my co-founder at Bareways, Sascha Klement, and the Bareways team. Some of the team I have known for the better part of my life and/or have been working together for a decade (at Bareways and our former startup, gestigon). Most of these people are incredibly smart, brilliant entrepreneurs and engineers; they understand things beyond the limit and find solutions for real-world problems. They outpace me on any given day. I am proud that I may be part of such an inspiring surrounding.

Bareways Team with Doggo Elliot who is head of security and pest control.

What do you think the rideshare/mobility industry will look like 10 years from now?

I hope less regulated and with more customer focus. Services like UBER are the first step to breaking the monopolies and allowing more market players to offer/test new approaches. I cannot tell which service will finally win (if the markets have any kind of “final winner”), but I am sure that we will see a lot of more ecological, economical, and fun ways to move around.

Plus, think of it: All is happening in urban regions. But the world is much more significant. 50% of the global population lives outside of the metropolitan areas. There is still a vast, untapped market for new services and approaches – Bareways is offering some solutions for precisely this rural mobility.

To get in contact with Moritz or Bareways you can find them at or hit up Moritz on his LinkedIn or via email

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