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The Ultimate Fleet Management Plan 2021

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In the past, having little access to data collection or services that aggregate this data (like Fleetyr) made preparing a fleet management plan a time-consuming exercise. Fleet management software and team management technology provide complete visibility into fleet operations while also enabling real-time collaboration across your team. Instead of tracking your fleet in tabulated spreadsheets, software automates data collection to help you quickly view and understand your fleet’s health and performance.

Our free Fleet Management Plan Checklist is a great starting point for fleet management managers of all experience levels. Before you download a copy, we have outlined some key steps below to help you get started. If you want to get straight into it, download the plan here.

Most of you will probably be laughing at this. Nearly every fleet manager I have met has the below direction from the powers that be:

“Cut as many costs as possible, but make sure everything is safe…Oh yeah, and I still need my $80K Hilux with all the specs to drive a 4km round trip daily.”

Maybe the last part of that might vary depending on the organisation, but there is undoubtedly a pattern from my experience. It is important to note that the above direction from senior management isn’t a clear goal, as the task has no end. The trick is to break these all-encompassing directions from the boss down into goals for you and the team.

Start with goals that will have the most significant financial and cultural impact on the business. Use data to both validate the need for said goals, as well as set measures to accomplish these goals. Include critical and collaborative thinking with your team to decide what is essential, then break it down further into micro-goals and projects.

Collecting data is essential for any business, and the fleet industry has known this for a long time. However, your data is only useful if it’s accessible, easy to understand, and collected and cleaned in a time-effective manner.

Many fleet managers are burdened by the inability of datasets from different systems to talk to each other. Some data providers can make this even more difficult by sending corrupted data or limiting access.

We believe that collecting, storing and managing fleet data shouldn’t be difficult. Using Fleetyr to centralise your data allows you to automate data collection in an organised system, ensuring you can analyse and plan straight away.

Using Fleetyr means you do not need to switch between different systems to get the data you need; we collate and enrich your data for you. We go one step further by turning this data into useful visualisations, allowing you to make quick and effective decisions on utilisation and savings.

As a Fleet Manager, you don’t do all the tedious work. So why should you do all the tedious planning? You recruited the people in your team for a reason and you rely on them daily to get the job done. Their insights into how to reach your goals are invaluable. The easiest way to get buy-in on a plan from your team is to involve them in the plan. Not only will your culture improve as a result, but your team will become personally invested in the organisation’s success alongside you.

Once your fleet management plan is approved and ready, it’s essential to track the plan’s success and failures. Tracking critical metrics like utilisation, fuel, telematics, data health and expenses regularly will help you stay agile and ahead of any tweaks needed to your strategy.

Do you already have your own Fleet Management planning checklist? Maybe you do things a little differently. Get in touch to let us know, we would love to share your insights with the Fleetyr community.

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