• network


    We carefully connect your data across all your sources.

  • sweep


    Your data is checked and cleaned to remove inaccuracies.

  • diamond


    We enrich your analysis against relevant data and benchmarking.

  • analytics


    All your fleet data turn into insightful visualisations in Fleetyr.

Fleetyr Analytics Solution

Imagine being able to see all the vital fleet information you rely on to do your best work, all in one place.

The Fleetyr Analytics Solution helps you see the bigger picture and the finer details simply by connecting your data sources into modular visualisations of your choice.

Our list of modules include fuel analytics, driver behaviour, telematics, data health check, asset registry, utilisation, maintenance, insurance, infringements, toll usage, workforce, geofencing, and car pool.


Fleetyr Integration Solution

Already using a preferred system but want to power up your platform? The Fleetyr Integration Solution helps you keep using the products you already love, and integrate more data to add value to your insights.

White Label Solution

Build your own efficient fleet analytics and visualisations while preserving your own unique brand.

With our White Label Solution, your data and Fleetyr's powerful analytics and visualisations work together seamlessly within your custom brand identity.

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