• network


    We carefully connect your data across all your sources.

  • sweep


    Your data is checked and cleaned to remove inaccuracies.

  • diamond


    We enrich your analysis against relevant data and benchmarking.

  • analytics


    All your fleet data turn into insightful visualisations in Fleetyr.

BYO Analytics Environment

Don't want to have to log in to a new portal? Already paying for your own visualisation software like PowerBi or Tableau? Our BYO analytics solution is perfect for you so you can work in your own environment and drive down costs.

With our BYO analytics, Fleetyr does all the connecting, and cleaning of your data sources and we give you our world-class dashboard templates that can be customised by your team. This allows you to customise the visualisations how you see fit but still have the luxury of structured, clean, and connected data.

Direct Integration Service

Already using a preferred system but want to power up your platform?

Our integration solution helps you keep using the products you already love, and integrate more data to add value to your insights.

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