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In the Driver’s Seat #9 With Josh Saunders

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Our latest entry of In the Driver’s Seat introduces you to Josh Saunders, Co-Founder & Managing Director at Logmaster — an Australian-based electronic work diary that helps drivers automatically log their driving and work hours for compliance in the heavy vehicle industry.

Logmaster is the number 1 accredited electronic work diary and transport compliance software here in Australia, and their growth trajectory since its first release is nothing short of remarkable.

Having met Josh and some of the Logmaster team in person a couple years ago, I must admit I’ve been highly impressed by their product and commitment to safety reporting compliance, and look forward to seeing them grow and expand further to new markets.

Founded in 2019 and released into the market in 2021, Logmaster’s product started as an electronic work diary for professional drivers. The current Logmaster system is accredited by the NHVR and compliant to use all across Australia, with a handy mobile app that removes the need to carry a paper-based work diary, allowing for driver compliance recording in real-time.

What is your dream vehicle and why?

It has to be the Lamborghini Huracan Performante Spyder.

I’ve always had posters of Lamborghinis when I was younger, and whenever someone asked “What’s your dream car?“, my answer has been to reach the point where I can have the car that’s been on my posters forever.

And of course it’s just so beautiful, totally extravagant and not at all economical — but it would be a great weekend car to have.

2019 "Rosso Mars" Lamborghini Huracán Performante Spyder (Satin Grey Wrap)

This is not actually Josh’s car. Get Logmaster for your fleet to help Josh get his dream car one day 😆

What is something you’re working on right now at the company?

We’re working on quite a lot at the moment, but mainly working on even deeper integrations with telematics platforms.

Many transport businesses already have their telematics digitised, but they’d usually still have paper-based compliance management which makes their work harder and less efficient. We’re building greater and more powerful functionality so that their telematics and compliance management systems can work together. This is what all the bigger companies are now asking for: no more paper, and digital real-time compliance.

At the same time we’re also getting our New Zealand accreditation done. Our system is currently getting tested for approval there, and once approved we can launch in New Zealand, which would be around 90 days from now.

We are also currently on the hunt for superstars to join our Australian team as we’re growing massively and need more people on the team. So if you are one of those superstars reading this or know someone, reach out!

What is something you’re most proud of at work?

I’m proudest when drivers contact us and tell us how much they love the app, as well as when our army of advocate drivers willingly promote us to other drivers. It means we’re doing the right thing and on the right track.

I’m also personally really proud of our brand positioning out in the market. I love it when clients give us compliments on our branding and messaging. We worked really hard on the brand and it’s amazing to see end users reacting well to it.

Logmaster App

What is the hardest part about what you do?

The challenge for us has been getting rid of common misconceptions on what an electronic diary really does, and educating drivers about it. We’re still often times explaining to truck drivers that the police and NHVR don’t have their data they’re not being tracked — the only ones with that data are the driver and their employer, and also Logmaster if you ask us to look at it.

Another challenge is occasionally getting a phone call at 2:00 AM because a truckie wants to have a chat or check something they are seeing on the app. We offer a 24/7 support line for all drivers and company admins, we feel it’s important to offer that level of communication with our users so they can feel comfortable that support is only a call away, whenever they need it.

Managers in the mobility space have a tough job too. What is your company doing to help make it easier for them?

Just like how we give truckies confidence that they are safe from breaches and fines, we also give transport managers confidence that they have the right tools they need to stay compliant with their regulatory reporting and record-keeping requirements.

The big difference some don’t fully understand is when truckies fill out their paper-based work diaries, they aren’t able to get that info back to the office for up to 21 days because they’re on the road, meaning the data isn’t actually reported at admins quickly. Our system enables that information to actually be received at the office in real-time, while they’re on the road. Think of how much time and effort that saves everyone, and how businesses can report their performance to auditors easily and confidently.

Who is the most interesting person you’ve met in the mobility industry and why?

For me that would have to be Ian Johnson, the compliance genius and incredible software architect at Logmaster. He is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to heavy vehicle compliance due to his subject matter expertise over the years. He’s also a legendary coder and leads our engineering team at Logmaster. He’s truly a rare gem and I’m really pleased to have him on the team.

Also there’s Robert Bell, a truck driver turned legal defender for truckies who impresses me heaps and doing great work for the industry. You can find him at Highway Advocates.

What do you think is the biggest challenge currently facing the mobility industry?

A huge challenge I see is that too many people are still stuck in their old ways of doing things particularly in relation to manual paper processes. They sometimes have a hard time accepting new tools and app innovations that are specially designed to make their life easier.

Also, a huge challenge this industry is facing is big driver shortages. Every business is looking for good quality, hard-working drivers, and this causes immense stress on those businesses. A big question around this is: “How do I not only attract but also retain good drivers?

Another thing is the pressure from clients of transport. Clients for transport businesses are now asking things like “How do you manage driver fatigue?“, “How can you ensure my deliveries will be on time?“, and “How can you demonstrate that your transport business is reliable in the long term?“. These transport businesses then come to us looking for help to address these client concerns, and sometimes even to help convince new clients to come on board because they have reliable tech in their processes.

Logmaster app

What do you think is still missing or poorly understood in the mobility industry?

It would have to be under-optimised transport businesses. More uptake of quality tech is needed to better manage these large organisations.

Another poorly understood concept is the difference between “status quo” and “optimum”. For businesses that still push paper around, all their data and reporting is on average 20 days behind. Logmaster alleviates those issues by implementing real-time systems.

What I also hope people overcome is the fear of tech implementation. Yes, it can be hard sometimes, especially at the start, but it doesn’t take very long and once you’re on the other side it’s all worth it and you wished you started sooner.

Keen to learn more about Logmaster or Josh? Reach out to him directly on LinkedIn or email him at

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